Custom Bottle Cap Shaving Brush

$70.00 - $95.00
Custom Bottle Cap Shaving Brush

Listing is for one custom shaving brush that has a bottle cap professionally resin sealed at the bottom of the handle with the option to add an accessory at a reduced price. We have different bottle cap available from several favorite beer and sodas including our own logo bottle cap!

Each brush is custom 3D printed in a high quality PLA with a synthetic knot of your choosing. Available in over 40 colors!

We will get in contact with you after checkout and email you a link to the custom form so we can get the details for your custom brush or find the Custom Form at:

Sample Shaving Brushes and Accessories pictured

Additional Add Ons:

⦿ The Slug Stand allows for brushes to be dried off at an angle while it is being displayed. Compatible with most brush handles that are medium to large size. 3D printed in the color of your choosing.

⦿ Low Profile Stand allows to display your shaving brush vertically with the bristles up along with most soap tubs. Perfect for Shave of the Day photoshoots. Round cavity is 48mm in diameter. For a larger or smaller diameter message us after payment is sent.

⦿ $5 for each additional color up to 3 colors total.

Message us for additional questions, additional photos, or for unique requests.