Tarot Trinket Tray

Tarot Trinket Tray

New Tarot Tinket Tray is customized to your preferences and 2 card reading, what you interpret from it is half the fun. With pressed flowers and glitter, who can go wrong.

Process/Disclaimer: A 2 card read will be performed, it's generally flexible. I pull two at random based on what info I get from recipient. It's up to recipient for interpretation, and what I have on hand. There is no say what the cards tell are true, they are up to the recipient whether or not to take that into consideration or not. As a novice witch, I just pull at random, and place them in resin with flowers.

If you want to purchase the one pictured make sure to select it from the given options.

Casted with our high quality epoxy resin that is 100% voc free and non toxic.