The Gallows Stand System

$15.00 - $20.00
The Gallows Stand System

Listing is for (1) Gallows Stand in a color of your choice with 1 - 3 straight razor stem attachment lengths of your choice.

Small: 120mm attachment
Medium : 170mm attachment
Large: 220mm attachment

3D printed in any color of your choosing from our catalog (list will be emailed upon purchase or can be found linked in our Instagram profile)

The Gallows Stand functions both as a soap tub and straight razor stand. This is a hybrid that combines various designs from previous stands into a modular system that is composed of a base has a slot that allows for the stem to be swapped out between different sizes to get the razor at a desired height or to completely remove to photograph/display tubs on thier own. The unqie curve design can accommodate a wide range of different diameter tub sizes.

The attachment (stem) can be requested at any length that does not exceed 270mm. Future attachments might become available once they pass the testing phase.

Shout out to @lathermewhiskers for helping name the new stand. We needed that pirate touch!